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Miniature Dollhouse Art

Dolls House and Miniature Collectible Art

I sell my original miniature art worldwide and I am very proud to have them reside in miniature collections and collectible Dolls Houses in over 21 countries at the last count.

Miniature Art In There Dolls House Homes

These are a few of my pieces of art in there new homes from my collectors, more and special features can be seen on my blog.

miniature Art doll house paintings

I have a shop online at Etsy and I also paint commission, in my style of work naturally.

Dolls House Art Sizes and Scale

My miniature paintings range in size and can be suitable for different and scale dolls houses and miniature properties these include 1 : 12th, 1 : 16th, 1 : 24th and other diorama such as bjd and fashion doll size.

Art in life size and miniature dolls house art is relative to what you want on your wall. If I paint a piece tiny enough for a 1:24th scale property but you want a small piece for your 1:12th scale then they often cross over.

The Gallery

I have my own miniature property “The Gallery” which my husband Adrian built for me. The Gallery was built from a Victorian Shop miniature property kit, that has a modern art gallery inside.

There are pictures of the gallery around the site and features on my blog.

Montage of Art In Wax in situ

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