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Art In Wax Miniature ACEO Collectible Art

What is an ACEO?

ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals.

Not to be confused with ATC (Artist Trading Cards), as I understand it ACEO’s are on off-shoot from these, both of which have a long standing history.

An ACEO is a miniature work of art, and can take a wide variety of styles, materials and subjects. The criteria is that they are 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size.

ACEO’s are very collectible and a popular pastime as they are an affordable way to collect art without needing a vast area to store of display them.

My ACEO Paintings

The first miniature painting I sold was in August 2011 and was a ACEO size poppy painting. The lady, an Art Collector from The Midlands, who bought this has since gone on to buy many of my paintings large and in miniature and has one of the largest collections of Art In Wax In the UK.

I sell my paintings worldwide and my ACEO size art is very popular, it is many collections and in dollhouses too, it is a very versatile size. I am told often how this size is perfect for gifts and many of my paintings are given as presents, a fact of which I am very honoured to know.

A selection of my ACEO paintings

ACEO Art for Sale

buy Art Online Via Etsy

My miniature paintings are for sale via my Etsy Store. I ship worldwide, many of my ACEO pieces are in Europe, America, Canada and a few down under in Australia.

I paint many subjects in this format, from landscapes and seascapes to flowers and fairies and lots more too.

Copyright : All artwork and photographs of the artwork are copyright the artist Hazel Rayfield. They may not be copied, used, saved or printed in any format without prior permission of the artist. I, Hazel Rayfield retain the copyright and the right to use copies of my paintings and artwork, sold or unsold, in anyway, at anytime, which may include prints for sale, or publications or in promotional literature.

My Encaustic Art paintings have been created by me using molten encaustic coloured wax, on encaustic gloss card and other card supports.

Please note that my pictures are intended as collectible miniature and dolls house art and are NOT suitable for children.

Contacting Hazel

If you would like to contact me about my art and how to buy a piece of my miniature Art In Wax, please use the online contact form.

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