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The Window Collection : Miniature Art Exhibit by Hazel Rayfield

A new collection of miniature art, these four new paintings painted this month March 2019, each have a view from a window. They are miniature paintings, each just 4 x 3 inches in size.

Inspiration : A Room with a View

Many of my miniature dolls house paintings are of landscapes and they are very popular, and I thought it would be fun to show them as a view from a room, I have in the past been commissioned to paint murals for miniature properties to look like the view but these new pictures are intended to be the window and the view. They were great fun to paint, each has a name:

Original Art Miniature Window view landscapes

My miniature paintings, both my tiny "Dolls House Art" and ACEO Art Card Collectibles are very popular and I am proud to say that in the past few years several hundred of my paintings are now in new homes across the world. All my art is original, I don't do prints or reproductions.

These paintings are for sale, they are painted on specialist Encaustic Gloss card and backed with a white card, they are signed on the back.

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