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Encaustic Painting : Painting with wax to create art

Since I discovered encaustic art in 2010 and started creating my own encaustic artwork from Spring 2011 I have found a wide and varied amount of information on the internet about the subject, the history of painting with wax, techniques, styles and artists who work in this medium.

This information is widely available so I won't fill this page with information you can easily find elsewhere. What I will say is that encaustic painting is created with wax, there are lots of techniques for working with the medium both hot and cold, and there are many different styles of encaustic art. Sometimes referred to as a craft, yet others may call it an art, my personal view it is a bit of both!

How I paint in hot wax

I am an Encaustic artist with a passion for painting in hot wax.

I paint using wax medium which I melt using a collection of heat tools. These range from specialist encaustic irons and stylus heat tools, with various nibs and tips to a hot plate and craft heat gun, all of which go into the creating my paintings in varying ways.

Wax on card

The wax I use when painting onto card is the encaustic coloured wax blocks supplied by Arts Encaustic here in the UK. I paint with this wax onto a specialist encaustic gloss card in the most part. I have also experimented with other surfaces, including board, watercolour paper and other materials however, I like the results and style I can achieve painting with this wax on the specialist gloss card and semi sheen card support.

I paint in many sizes but this style of painting on card supports works really well for my miniature art.

Other supports and Wax

In the past I have also tried a different wax paint, the handmade by R & F Handmade Paints for example and different supports, like wood panels and a specialist surface Encausticbord. I was asked to do a review of these wax paints for a UK Art materials retailer I was happy to and blogged about Review R & F Paints : Encaustic Starter Kit. These paints are a different paint formula and contains a damar resin, and take several months to cure and fully harden.

The method of working and the finished results are very different in both types of wax and supports. We have made videos of me working in both styles these are on the website demonstration page. I was also invited to make a couple of demonstration films for Ampersand Art Supplies, using Encausticbord which is on their youtube channel, you can read about the fun we had making these films on my blog : Working with Ampersand Art Supply Encausticbord

Handle with care

Due to the nature of the medium the artwork needs to be handled with care, I give the paintings a very light polish when they are completed, this gives them a wonderful sheen and brings out the colours and texture. My paintings are not varnished. Encaustic (wax) artwork should not exposed to heat sources or direct sunlight for long periods of time and if displaying behind glass (encaustic on card style only) it is recommended that the artwork should be mounted so as not to touch the glass. paintings should not be exposed to extreme heat, hot or cold.

Watch me painting

You can see how I create my artwork in encaustic wax in some video demonstrations Adrian and I have created of me painting using this wonderful medium, simply visit the demonstration page or subscribe to my Art In Wax youtube channel.

Information online : history and modern day

From the wikipedia website we can find lots of information on the history of the art form that dates back to 100 - 300 AD.

Michael Bossom's Arts Encaustic website has a mile of information on modern day encaustic art, with details of the formulation of the waxes used to how to care for your wax artwork the website also has many links to other resources and artists.

The R & F Handmade Paints website is a comprehensive source of information also, covering their products and has lots of resources about working in Encaustics.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about me please visit my artist page and I would also invite you to look at some of the painting I have created in wax in the Art In Wax gallery and on our Exhibits page, which is a place online where we exhibit of both paintings and photography as a collection piece.

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