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Artist Profile

Hazel Rayfield

Hazel Rayfield

I am a self taught artist with a passion for painting in encaustic wax, I live in Southend on Sea on the South East Coast of England with my husband Adrian.

I started painting many years ago, my very first painting was in oils and was of a cyclamen. Working with the oil paint gave me the texture I wanted but the smell of oils was too much for me and I quickly switched to painting in acrylics. After a break of several years I was given a set of water colours as a gift, this revived the painter in me, as a web / graphic designer I had still been using my creativity but in a digital format. I still enjoy my watercolor doodles but my passion is now in Encaustic painting.

Discovering Encaustic

I discovered encaustic's in 2010 having been shown a piece of artwork, the colour and the shine of this small abstract piece was unlike anything I had seen before, this lead me to research the art form and is why I now paint in hot wax. There is a wide and varied source of information online about Encaustic Art. After reading about, and watching some youtube videos of the techniques used in painting Encaustic, I knew this was something I had to try!

In early 2011 I created my first hot wax painting, I am self taught and have experimented with different techniques, wax paints and surfaces developing my own way with the wax. Some of these experiments can be read about on my blog. Adrian and I have also created some videos of me paintings in hot wax, some with the iron and stylus on gloss card and some using deeper layers of wax on wood panels and Encausticbord. These demonstrations can viewed on this website or via my Art In Wax YouTube channel.

As an Encaustic Artist painting in hot wax, I find I can create the texture I loved with Oils and Acrylic but with a movement and vibrancy of colour unlike anything I have used before.

Painting in Hot Wax

I work with Encaustic wax on different supports and surfaces and use different wax products depending on the surface. When working onto Encaustic Gloss card, using hot irons and heated stylus tools, I use a brand of wax paints that is suitable for this non absorbent surface. I also have a hot plate and craft heat gun which I use in various ways to melt the wax for painting.

I also paint using a brand of wax by R & F handmade paints, these paints require an absorbent ground to paint onto, so I may use a wood panel prepared with encaustic gesso or specialist Encausticbord. These painting have deeper layers of wax and use different techniques for painting.

Many of my paintings are inspired by nature, but I paint lots of subjects. I have a passion for painting flowers and scenic views, but my work also features, birds, fashion, boats and anything else I fancy trying !! My online gallery has a range of work.

I paint in many sizes from larger A3 size pieces to smaller pieces of wall art, plus I love to paint in miniature too including ACEO (Artist Card Editions and Originals) small paintings which are collectibles and tiny miniature Dolls House paintings. I love painting tiny and even have my own 1:12 scale miniature art gallery called The Gallery, which my husband built to house my own Art collection.

Art In Wax Blog

To keep up to date with what's new with me and Art In Wax, please check my blog , I am a very keen blogger!

The blog has lots of information on what's going on at Art In Wax, new paintings, exhibits plus I write articles on how I paint, including projects and demonstrations and about the tools and the techniques I use to create my pictures in hot wax.

Art In Wax Featured .....

My Art In Wax has been featured on blogs and in magazines. In June my tiny paintings were featured in Dolls House and Miniature Scene and I have been a guest blogger for origanisations such as Fred Aldous Art Supplies and interviewed about painting in hot wax by Jackson Art and for March 2014 I am the "Artist of the Month" at the Southend Art Club.

More blog posts, features and interviews can be seen via my blog, which has all the news as does my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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