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Hello and welcome to Art In Wax.

I am Hazel Rayfield, Encaustic Artist, and Art In Wax is my website, where you can see my passion is painting in hot wax.

I paint many subjects, flowers and floral images, Landscapes, Seascapes, birds, random things like, cars (only occasionally and F1 car and a classic car), stems trains appear in my landscapes sometimes, as do planes and all sorts of themes, from oriental settings to Christmas trees, and even the odd cupcakes and fashion paintings appear from time to time.

I paint in various sizes, from large wall art to miniature art, which is very collectible. I have sold my art online for several years now and there are pieces of my Art In Wax, large and small in at least 15 countries worldwide as far as I know.

Miniature - Dolls House Art ..... My miniature paintings and screens have proven very popular over the past few of years. And are currently the paintings I sell the most of, you can buy my Dolls House art direct from me in my Dolls House Art Shop. I love to paint these challenging little art works. They have been featured in several magazines and blogs and I even have my own 1:12 scale Art Gallery which displays my own miniature art collection.

You can see many of my paintings throughout this website and projects on my blog.

Please have a look around this, my Art In Wax website, where there is more information about me, Hazel Rayfield and about encaustic art in general, plus a gallery of some of my pieces of art, which I am adding too and expanding all the time ..... plus you can buy on art direct from this website too

Hazel Rayfield Artist

Art In Wax

Shopping for Art Online

This website has a range of my paintings for sale, from wall art to a range of ACEO and of course my miniature Collectible and Dolls' Houses. For details and the buy direct from me the artist please visit the shop page. If you would like to commission a piece of art or are looking for something not listed here please contact me.

My art is also available via the international shopping site Etsy Art In Wax @ Etsy - the shop on this outlet are managed by me and all art is original and dispatched from me in Southend Essex UK.

buy Art Online Via Etsy

Watch me paint - using my heat tools

You can watch me paint using hot wax on the Art In Wax You Tube channel, or on the Art In Wax demonstration page where we have uploaded a selection videos of me painting in hot wax.


Encaustic art is an art form which has been around for thousands of years and is formed using wax medium to create pictures by fusing layers of wax. I use encaustic wax on range of surfaces and supports for my paintings, you can visit my online art gallery to view a range of my work.

For more information about this website and enquiries regarding my artwork please contact me.

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